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health agency for the federal government, makes recommendations, but they don't mandate. host: historic in the washington times. the headline is -- it says, how do we adequately respond? is there a role for the federal government to respond to the number of outbreaks that we are seeing? guest: the federal government is very much involved. the cbc is an extraordinary agency that does tracking, that provides in certain situations where vaccinations, for example with individual that don't have access to vaccination, the n.i.h plays a major role in development of vaccines. if you are asking does the federal government have a role or make a contribution to the tracking, control, and treatment and prevention of influenza? the answer is yes. they invest a considerable amount of resources. host: let's go back to your role in coming up with some sort of concoction of this vaccination. how do you determine that? guest: it is interesting that when you get a seasonal -- every know, very productive. this year looks like it will be severe. when you look back currencies no influenza, you can get a pre
want to say that as much as i enjoy my gun rights i don't totally agree with wayne lapierre. as a matter of fact, i stay out of the n.r.a. because it is more political than protecting my rights, in my opinion. but i do feel that these outleft-handish attacks on -- outland i outlandish attacks on gun owners and my enjoyment they want to get rid of assault rifles. i have to say a bolt action and se rifle are two different things. when i shoot i enjoy shooting with a semiauto so my shoulder doesn't get broke. i'm not a hunter but i do enjoy shooting. i enjoy protecting myself and having the right to but that is my responsibility. host: how do you strike the balance? clearly you are right in the second amendment rights of the constitution. caller: i was just about to get that if i own a gun i can disarm it. that was the mother's gupn that her mother killed her with. i don't put mine in a case and if i did i would be smart enough to disable it if someone couldn't use it. it is personal responsibility but i don't see the n.r.a. going after that. it is strictly that i can own my gu
. why doesn't he moved to israel and joined the knesset because many of us don't feel like he feels about israel and their politicians should not have to be vetted by a coward like lieberman or lindsey graham. host: why are you calling them a coward? caller: it is all about israel to these clowns and i am sick of it. we give these people $3 billion per year and all they do is give us guff. that is why. host: we are taking your phone calls this morning. about foreign policy challenges in 2013. this is the opening section of "usa today" - >there are other stories in noting that the former senator, chuck hagel, when he was in office, approved about $38 billion in aid for the jewish state along with multiple trips to beat -- to meet with leaders there. that is a little bit of background on chuck hagel. david, indianapolis, democratic caller -- caller: good morning. i wanted to comment on the changes in the foreign policy that we will see. i agree with the last speaker, i believe the israelis need to be rained down. these guys used hawks, they elect hawks to take over their government an
energy it takes from members. but i don't think that the members who are going to be the most involved in the fiscal cliff spending kinds of discussions are the same ones who are going to be pushing on immigration. and as long as you have someone in the senate, like majority leader harry reid, who also wants to move forward, i think you're still going to see some action. host: let's hear what president obama had to say. this is when he was on "meet the press" right before the new year, him talking to david gregory. >> i'm asking about time frame, as you well know, your second-term president, even having one re-election, your capital is limited. what is your single priority of the second term? what is the equivalent to healthcare? >> well, there are a couple of things that we need to get done. i've said that fixing our broken i will great system is a top priority -- our broken immigration system is a top priority. i will introduce legislation to get that done. we've talked about it long enough. we know how we can fix it. we can do it in a comprehensive way that the american people suppo
it a major reform act. i don't consider tax reform and adjustment of rates. i consider it a simplification of rules. the rules have gotten more complex every year, and there is no expectation that will change. int: let's go to ed columbia, maryland. caller: 80 professor williams and can talk about the estate tax -- maybe professor williams and can talk about the estate tax, about the rates, to whom does it apply. at if i am looking down the road of making some kind of gift to my kids or my grandkids, how does the estate tax come into play, and how do the new tax rates come into play with respect to that? i will hang up and listen to his response. host: don williamson may have follow up. any questions about -- any answer to his question about the estate tax, giving gifts to his kids? guest: there is a whole other regime of taxation in this country called the estate tax, and there are gift taxes that go with it. those rules -- there was a time where, in 2010, there was no estate tax in this country, and it was a wonderful opportunity that died, came back in 2011. it was going to come back in
is that if you think global warming is a problem -- and i don't. but if you think it's a problem this cannot possibly be the way to solve it. we are talking about piddling very small decreases in carbon dioxide emissions where the entire world is having huge increases. by 2035 chinese emissionless historically, the total emission that is china has ever emitt since the beginning of the industrial revolution will surpass the european union. in a few years later they will surpass those of the united states. so we're talking about working in a teacup rather than the entire world here and that's that's what you get from president obama. host: the director at their center for energy and environment. and if you want to find out more about what goes on at the cei you can go to their website. we're going back to the phones and talk to gary on our line for republicans. caller: good morning. my experience with co2 is like in 1957, on the southeastern ash reel forest right there after you come out of florida. it's off to your left first after you go past the first exit to valdosta georgia. the moss was
with hagel about "don't ask, don't tell." it had not been repealed yet. he made very clear his support about the repeal. i did talk to him about this and just want to be clear that he is saying that's it is not just a move that he is apologizing hormell. in addition, he supports lgbt families. he is gone beyond that on women's issues as well. one of the real other subjects we do not often talk about is violence towards women. rates at the academies, rapes in the field. the senate passed an amendment as part of the national defence act giving women who were raped -- i think he is stepping forward. you will hear more about this in the hearings. i think it is important to realize that, like the president, he is a fault on many issues. this is not a move that was triggered by the nomination. the gay rights community, which i am also a part, has not done its part in my view to reach out to people like chuck hagel in advance and say, "what are four views?" we are going back and looking at votes. host: this is from a shell on our twitter page. -- from michelle on our twitter page. any thoughts on t
have to say. host: alaska, this is don on the independent line. caller: i am a big fan of obama and timothy geithner. when all of this took place, i am an older guy. i am 83. i was watching everything clear back to the scandal with the prime lending trouble that we had. this is not the gist of the problem. the just of the problem was that somebody came in when they were badly needed and straighten everything out and it was not very pretty. it was even worse before he tried what he did. obama is a scholar. he studied what franklin delano roosevelt did. i lived through the depression. it was not really that great to tell you the truth. i was a little boy, but i can remember it very well. this is what franklin delano roosevelt did it, too. people who changed things have to step on some toes and heard some feelings. what obama did, but timothy geithner did, and what the people did at that time got us out of trouble. we have a bunch better economy now ford obama's second term that we had in the beginning. host: there is a picture of in the paper that features the vice president meeti
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8

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